Club Equipment Conditions of Use

Club Equipment Conditions of Use

Equipment Officer: Shayne Lightfoot

The club has chosen to adopt the recommended Club Equipment Guidelines provided by the BMC. This document is available from:

Please make yourself familiar with the BMC guidelines in addition to these conditions of use.

An Equipment Officer exists to store, maintain and routinely inspect all club equipment as well as educate club members on how to inspect and use the equipment. The Equipment Officer is NOT responsible for inspecting equipment before use.


The following process must be followed when borrowing club equipment.

Requesting the use of Club Equipment

You must request permission from the Equipment Officer in advance, stating what equipment you require and how long you will need it.

The Equipment Officer must be satisfied that you understand how to inspect and use the equipment safely and competently before you will be allowed to use it.

Training and advice can be arranged for club members who are unfamiliar with any of the equipment.

Signing Out

Upon collection or receipt of the equipment, you must make sure that all the equipment is present and correct and ‘sign out’ in the log book.

If there is anything worth noting, such as items not collected/missing or existing damage/wear not recorded, you must make a note of it in the comment column of the log book.


Before using any club equipment, the user must perform a pre-use inspection. This should be a visual and tactile inspection looking for any damage or other factors which may affect the safe use of the equipment.


The equipment must only be used for its intended purpose. Manufacturer’s instructions should be adhered to where present (e.g. tying in directly to a harness).

Signing In

Once you have finished using the equipment, you must return it to the Equipment Officer. Make sure that everything is present and correct, and ‘sign in’ the equipment using the log book.

If there is anything worth noting, such as dirt, wear, damage or loss (see below), you must make a note of it in the comment column of the log book and inform the Equipment Officer.

Care and Maintenance of Club Equipment

Due to the nature of the sport, and the environment in which we practice it, it is understandable that equipment may become dirty, worn, damaged or lost.

It is important that members understand we operate a ‘no blame’ culture when it comes to safety. Therefore, it is important that no matter how big or small it may seem, we encourage members to report any and all defects and damages.


If any equipment becomes soiled, it is the users responsibility to make sure that equipment is cleaned after it is used. If you are unable to clean the equipment, leave a comment in the log book and make the Equipment Officer aware that the item requires cleaning.


Wear occurs naturally for all equipment when it is used. Wear can only been seen over time, so if any equipment you use looks or feels ‘worn’, compared to the condition it was before you used it, it should be considered it damaged until it can be thoroughly inspected.


If an item is damaged while in use, stop using it immediately. All damages must be reported to the Equipment Officer and recorded in the log book when you ‘sign in’ the item.


Occasionally gear can become stuck and difficult to remove. You are encouraged to try to retrieve the gear for as long as it takes, and it is safe to do so. If you are unable to retrieve any equipment, it must be reported to the Equipment Officer at your earliest convenience.

If, when the Equipment Office or other club member return to retrieve the gear, it is not there, it will be considered a total loss.

Total Loss: Equipment can be expensive for the club to replace, therefore, for any total loss, the cost of replacing the equipment will be borne equally by the club and the person who ‘signed out’ the item.