Club Night
The North - Sorel Point

Club Night
The North - Sorel Point

A change of scenery sees us climbing at Sorel on the North coast. We will meet at the Sorel Point car park at 4.30pm and walk to the crag from there.

Please note that ALL attendees need to be current members in order to climb on club ropes as well as borrow any club gear. Read more in our frequently asked questions.

Please RSVP to let us know you’re attending and leave a comment if you need to borrow a harness/belay device or have any questions.

Hope to see you there!



Sunset 20:33
Low Tide 21:22
Tide Height 4.1m
Weather Jersey MET  
Route Suggestions
Lead Pussyfoot (HS v4b **)
Top Rope KP Nuts (VS 4c **)
Mean Green Mother (E2 5c **)
Sleeping Giant ( VD)




We require all people to RSVP for contact-tracing purposes as well as to check ratios of beginners to more experienced members.

If you need to borrow a harness/belay device or have any questions, also leave a comment below.

The deadline for RSVPs in 12 noon on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to join the club to attend club night?

If you are an independent climber with your own gear and require no instruction or supervision, then no. However if you are new to climbing, we do require you to be a member to provide 3rd party liability insurance from the BMC. This ensures that all parties are insured if an incident occurs as a result of using our gear or receiving advice or instruction from our members.

Membership starts at £10 for 3 months, or £25 for the year. Find out more here: Become a Member.

Can my child come along?

We do not accept children under 15. If your child is between 15 and 18 we will need a parent or guardian present who shall be responsible for them at all times during the session.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Providing you are a member (see above), the club provides all the equipment you will need to take part in the session. The only equipment we don’t provide is climbing shoes, but if you don’t have any of your own, just wear some comfortable, well fitting trainers. Make sure you also bring plenty to eat and drink and dress appropriately for the weather.

Do I need any previous experience?

Not at all. We have experienced members and volunteers on hand teach you the skills and techniques to climb safely.

23 thoughts on “Club Night

  1. Hey guys, looking forward. Im a newbie, therefore please can I borrow a harness for now. Many thanks, Jed

  2. Hi all, I’m a newbie too – all I have is shoes.. could I please borrow a harness + helmet too? Thanks! Really looking forward to meeting everyone 🙂

    1. Hi Laura! Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes you can borrow a harness and helmet….good news on the shoes 😀

      Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

  3. Hi I’m a new member. Looking to take up climbing. I’ve got some climbing shoes that’s all is there anything else I would need to bring ?

    1. Hi Tony,

      Nothing else needed – just like the indoor wall we’ll have harnesses and carabiners for you.

      See you tomorrow.

  4. Hiya, this will be my first time meeting and I don’t have any equipment, but I’m also so unfit I’ll probably not be able to do much..but would just like to come and see and learn of that’s ok please! Thank you

    1. Hi Karen,

      We’ll have equipment for you and don’t worry about your fitness – we set up routes of varying grades to cover all abilities – your experience or fitness are not a problem.

      See you tomorrow!

      1. Hi, sorry not sure if my comment posted or not…I won’t be able to make it today now, sorry for the short notice. Will hopefully be there next week!

  5. Hey will be joining after not climbing in many years, got my own harness and approach boots but could use a helm and any pitching gear required

    1. Hi James,

      Glad to have you join along. Just make sure that you’ve completed your membership before tomorrow and we’ll have topropes set up for all to try.

      See you tomorrow!

  6. I have footwear, but no harness etc. Please can I borrow. Also, I will need to leave early as I need to be elsewhere at 7.30.
    Thank you,
    Rose Anne

    1. Hi Rose Anne,

      Perfect! Shoes are a good start, we’ll have everything else for you. Not a problem if you leave early.

      See you tomorrow.

  7. Will need to borrow 1 harness, 2 helmets and 1 pair of climbing shoes if possible okay if not

    1. Hi Tristan,

      We don’t have shoes to lend out but we will have helmets and harnesses. If it’s busy we might have to share it around, but everyone will get a chance to climb.

      Make sure that you and whoever is coming with you have both completed your memberships before the session.

      See you tomorrow.

  8. Jed and Heidi will not be making tonight due to the weather and the wrong size climbing shoes arrived.

  9. Hi, could I please borrow harness etc as new to climbing? Have shoes though. Looking forward to it 👍

  10. Hi,

    Sorry for RSVP earlier but both myself and Milly Lingard will be attending assuming the rain holds off! We don’t need any equipment.

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